Digital Strategy

When expecting top results, strategy is fundamental. Once we understand your brand's needs, we outline key performance indicators and create innovative ways to achieve them. We use our experience in social media and digital marketing to design bespoke plans that guide your brand towards reaching its full potential.

Content Creation

In a digital world where everyone has a say, content is king to break through the noise. In communicating with an audience that is skeptical of brand messaging, each story we tell must be truly captivating. We specialize in creating genuine bonds between brands and their audiences that are as unique and special as each might be.


(Measurement & Analytics) All right, so we know how to deliver the right message to the right audience. Even better news is coming: we also track the efficiency of your campaign. By monitoring and analyzing your brand's content, we are able to offer actionable data that provides insight into what your consumers want next.

Influencer Marketing

You've heard it before: in this business, it's all about who you know. By strategically aligning your brand with key influencers in your market, we'll provide a trusted environment for customer prospecting. We grow trusted partnerships with people who will care as deeply about promoting your brand message as you. Your brand is awesome and our PR team will make sure that everyone knows it.

Brand Experiences

We help generate first impressions that lead to loyalty and transcendental exchange between your brand and its consumers. By connecting them with the things they love, we provide an experience that's worth living over and over again. The social networking landscape is oversaturated with content but Mashup has human capital and the tools to expose your brand to new and existing customers in a powerful way.

Digital Media Buying

The most brilliant message may be entirely ineffective if it's delivered to the wrong audience. That's why we thoroughly dig into specified consumer insights before coming up with innovative strategies that guarantee effective targeting. Simply put, we ensure that your content reaches the right person at the right time.

Education & Training

We love what we do just as much as we love spreading our knowledge with likeminded individuals who share our passion for learning. As such, we aim to create robust training experiences that also serve to cultivate our community. By hosting cost-free digital workshops, we are able to give back; after all, the digital world thrives on the principle of sharing.