Digital School

The Digital School was developed in 2014 by Mashup as an initiative to give back to the community and generate humanitarianism, by using all the knowledge of social media acquired over the years by our agency and giving free lessons in how to think outside the box, digital marketing and journalism, etc.


A class is held once a month and encourages all those interested in attending to upload a video onto their social media accounts explaining why and how they would benefit from the school’s lessons and how they would use these tools to benefit themselves and their community. People of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to send in their applications and a group of 20-25 lucky individuals are selected. Most of the classes comprised of beginning entrepreneurs, college students and freelance community managers.

Each class is divided in four segments with each part being on a unique subject. The first section is a lecture by a Mashup Director during which they share the history of Mashup, from the moment the agency was founded to how they got to the position they are in now. Students are then able see what makes a campaign successful, how to deal with brands and clients, and how to generate relevant, exclusive content using the brand’s voice and identity. Later, particpants will learn how to use each social media platform their full potential and post useful, thought-generating content. They will also learn how to measure and analyze the reach and engagement rate of the content they are generating, according to the platform they use. Last but not least, the students will receive a brief seminar on content generation and how to come up with relevant and coherent pieces in addition to how to be creative when applied to the digital marketing sphere.