Doritos Roulette Campaign

Doritos Roulette took the experience of a fun product and put it online. In every bag of Doritos, there was a single very spicy chip. Only the bold dared to eat Doritos with this challenge of getting to the spicy one. Mashup took this experience and translated it to an equally daring online game.


Utilizing new programming techniques, we built a site where users entered and made to spin a wheel filled with different types of challenges. If the challenges were completed, the gamers earned points that slowly built up to the ultimate Burning Points, which was an indication of how bold they could be. Because this was a very thought out and highly calculated campaign, it quickly became sucessful and soon went viral.

All the content on the page was user generated: more than 20,000 videos came from various parts of the country, with over 100,000 tweets and interactions on Facebook. All of this made Venezuelan Doritos the most followed Doritos account in the world, ranking higher than its USA counterpart.