Instagram Iniciative

Our challenge was to bring to live #VivirAlEstilo500 on our Instagram account and generate genuine buzz and engagement. We chose to launch this campaign on 2013, Instagram showed the most rapid growth in Venezuela, as a result of being the first social network conceived for mobile.


Before launching #VivirAlEstilo500, our account had 900 followers and the content shared was mainly product and trademark based. We wanted to create relevant and emotional content that featured our key campaign goals and to which our followers could relate. #VivirAlEstilo500 is a bucket list of 500 extraordinary experiences every Venezuelan should have to ameliorate their life and create everlasting and breath-taking memories. The #VivirAlEstilo500 bucket list unveils the spirit of Cacique 500. Every experience and place shown would inspire our community and invite them to share their own wishes and desires with us.

The strategy was simple. #VivirAlEstilo500 provided us with original local content, which Cacique would own. Also, it gave followers a reason to follow up on our story everyday and generated constant interaction: likes from followers who would like to live/celebrate such experiences, tags from followers who want to share posts with their friends and reposts from followers who identify themselves with a particular experience. Several followers sharedCaciqueʼs Instagram content on their own accounts.
We believe the campaign worked because the content strategy designed for Instagram focused on the storytelling process. The concept was explained mainly through powerful and striking images, instead of words.