Let’s Live It

With the platform #VamosAVivirlo (Let's Live It) the brand offered a special promo to it's clients, and made it's followers a part of too. The strategy was to encourage participation by offering rewards for the use of the credit card.


When consumers use their credit cards, MasterCard or Maestro, had to register their vouchers in an application on Facebook, developed by the department of technology of Mashup Interactive Agency. With this, consumer accumulated cuppons for the day of a final raffle, where they could win several cash, among others. Thanks to the fact that the application on Facebook always ran smoothly and that the prizes of the raffle were always delivered correctly and on time, in addition to the efficient and timely response to the comments of the brand’s twitter community and questions. The #VamosAVivirlo campaign was widely successful. The twitter community grew by 200% from raffle to raffle, they got involved and interacted with the brand and they made MasterCard Venezuela an example in the region. MasterCard Panamá, Colombia and Dominican Republic adopted the venezuelan model and started replicating it and implementing it in their countries.