Around the world, Nestle has many ways to contribute to a better and healthier future. They work to improve livelihoods and develop thriving communities starting with education.
Even Nestle has been working among Venezuelan communities through 10 programs of “Creación de Valor Compartido”, but despite this company’s strong efforts, it isn’t well known for the people living in them. We started a journey across Venezuela to show digital audiences the impact of this teamwork on a campaign called: Nestlé te Invita a Viajar.

Wanting to create a strategy that truly engages our target with the meaningful purpose of the organization, we decided to introduce each program through the story of the beneficiaries. As main characters explained how Nestle, the producer, and the community work together to contribute to the same interests.

As the main campaign welcomes the people to go for a travel, we ask Arianna Arteaga – known as a travel photographer – to join us meet our valuables partners. When we listen to each other’s stories, we achieve a wider perspective. Brands must turn their voice to the people creating that way powerful human connections.