Pepsi 100 Smiles Campaign

The Pepsi 100 Smiles Campaign was conceived with the idea of turning that frown upside down and was geared toward people whose lifestyles are so busy and hectic that they think they don't have the time to relax and just smile. This campaign was constructed to connect the brand to its target in a creative and different way by refreshing that specifc audience.


To refresh means to give new life to something or someone and 100 Smiles was created to give a person a breath of fresh air that they so desperately need. The design aspect of 100 Smiles was made to alter the ordinary, to make the complicated a little bit easier, and to turn the usual into something unexpected.

The 100 surprises within this campaign was to bring joy to more than a 100 people’s lives and knowing that because we did our job, those 100 people would put smiles on the faces of 100 more people and so on. Why would do this? Because we think people deserve it. And helping out someone just to see them smile, that’s refreshing.