Pepsi Stream Campaign

Pepsi Streams is the first show to go live via the Internet in Venezuela. More than 12 episodes were shot in real time where emerging artists were able to preform their music in front of audience members and also for those watching at home.


Each episode included an enticing surprise for those streaming live on web or on their mobile device. Its innovative format features music that is broadcasted live, with real-time interviews and an interactive space for audience participation that keeps viewers interested throughout the hour-long show.

Bands and musicians that were part of the first season of Pepsi Streams include:

Oscar De León, Ví­ctor Drija, Los Mesoneros, Rawayana, Caramelos de Cianuro, La Vida Boheme, Viniloversus, Cuarto Poder, Famasloop, La Movida Acústica Urbana, Desorden Público, Lasso, Alfredo Naranjo, Malanga, Yordano, Guaco, Servando y Florentino, San Luis, Pollo Brito.