Smirnoff Summer Tour 2014

Smirnoff Summer Tour wanted to generate a strategic digital experience that would enrich the Summer Tour 2014 initiative, giving more reach, engagement and relevance to our events.


When the campaign started, the Twitter account had 4027 followers. By the end, it had reached 10.063 followers. Fans and followers of the brand generated so much content in this platform about the event that, on the afternoon of September 8th until past midnight of September 9th–almost 12 hours–the hash tag #SmirnoffSummerTour was Trending Topic in Venezuela. For the entire duration of the campaign, the message of #SmirnoffSummerTOur reached over 9.5 million Twitter users. On the other hand, the Instagram account grew by more than 10.000 followers during the campaign.

This is how Smirnoff Tour was more than just a party, it was a way to experience the summer