This Is The Sound Of Doritos

A digital strategy was developed for several platforms to support the Así Suena Doritos (This Is The Sound of Doritos) concert, with live performances by local bands Rawayana, Desorden Público and Caramelos de Cianuro on the year 2013 and this summer the widely known international band Los Pericos was added to the line up.


One of the activities was to share on social media a phone number where consumers who wanted to attend the concert had to call. After they answered questions and trivia about the participating bands, they won tickets to the concert for them and a friend. Finally, team Doritos went to one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city to find, once again, daring, bold people who wanted to be a part of the Así Suena Doritos live concert.

These brave men and women were given two tasks to choose from: the first, was a dress up challenge. They had to wear a Doritos chip suit and take six selfies with six strangers that they had to post on their social media. The second, they had to find an actor disguised as a homeless man and dance with them any song by any of the featured bands, proving that the Doritos consumer is as daring as they come.